Flaunt your fall style with the sleek and chic handbags of Gucci

Getting the ideal appearance during winter is tricky. Donning an on-trend look without compromising comfort and warmth is complicated. Handbags along with accessories play a very vital role in getting an attention-grabbing look.

Whether you are getting ready for work or leisure, keeping it stylish, yet subtle is the key for this season. Layer your outfit, instead of investing in bulky jackets. Pair a pullover with an overcoat, this will keep you warm the entire day. The right set of accessories can provide a mini makeover to the simplest attire. You can cap off your look by matching a scarf with your outfit and this goes for both women as well as men. A classic timepiece, as well as footwear, can take your looks to new heights.

Even if you get everything in place, your handbag can make or break your look. Handbags have become a unique style statement these days, irrespective of their gender or age. It is not just a useful way of carrying your possession, but the most enticing accessory for the urban ladies and gentleman. A trendy handbag can effortlessly add a flare of sophistication to the overall look.

Gucci Bags | DarveysCarry a trendy crossbody, totes or hobos for the casual occasion. While for the formal events satchels, shoulder bags, wallets are considered to ideal. However, the style and color of the purse should compliment your personality. On the other hand, men can give a sophisticated update to their look with the duffles, messenger bags. The chic colors and sleek styles of Gucci handbags can give you a smart as well as a sharply sophisticated look. Being trendy is simple if you are carrying something as stylish yet elegant as these bags.

The artistic edge and signature detailing of the brand can complete your wardrobe. So, welcome the fall with your alluring looks. Cap off your looks with the hottest fall trend and get turn every head around.

The Cult of Gucci

The cult classic and phenomenal collection of accessories by this Italy based luxury brand is always been about the uniqueness that’s ends up becoming the flavor of the fall. The symbolic colors and the iconic range of leather bags for men are irresistible. Another feather in the cap is added for the versatility it provides. An instance of leather bags for men let us say- messenger bags, duffle bags, totes, portfolio, backpacks, belt bags (also known as sling bags), luggage, totes and briefcases. The symbolic flag like segments- green/red/green is mostly inevitable for any timeless piece created by Gucci.

These bags pour essence to style which becomes essential when a thousand bucks are invested in buying something so inspiring. Gucci also believes in innovation. Thereby, a lot of floral motifs work is evident on its bags as well. The intricate work of craftsmanship and embroidered structures with images of birds, bees, clouds and flowers are quite frequent in Gucci’s collection.

The versatility of foulard, scarves and oblong states the scarf for men; cotton, fabric, silk and wool are the materials they are available in. usually the watches are available in stainless steel but the iconic green/red/green could also be used in the straps. The relief of soothing motif is a beauty to look up to which is also evident in the wallets for men. On the other hand women collection is far fresher and never mundane.

Gucci Collection


Founded in Florence in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, the label represents world class luxury, Italian heritage and modern style. Over the years, the brand has delivered iconic and supreme quality products to the various generations. Be it any product, the fashion house has offered unique and trendiest collection that has made a deep mark in the fashion history. Gucci Bags

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, surely didn’t knew where to shop. Browse through our luxurious collection of the brand and let your accessories do the talking.


The best selling Italian brand offers creative, innovative and absolutely stunning handbags that blends well into your wardrobe and reflect class and luxury and yes they obviously look oh so gorgeous.Gucci Handbags


The brand provides a perfect blend of casual and sophisticated style which can be seen in their range of scarves which adds an endless elegance to any outfit, no matter what so ever be the occasion!


Gucci signature belts add a dash of luxury to any normal day to day outfit and are perfect to create a statement look and will leave you to marvel at how quickly it transcends your style. Gucci Belts