Luxe watches to own your look by Gucci!

Watches, they make your outfit so special! I truly believe in the magic of a timepiece and how they can add a dash of elegance in your attire. Such a small accessory can do such a big difference in your outfit! If you also, like me, believe in adding a classy watch before going out anywhere then you must realize their importance. I personally love collecting timepieces of different brands and till now I have about 15 additions in my collection. And right now I have been eying on a Gucci watch. I so wish to own one someday! They are quite expensive to be honest but I have starting saving up for it and hopefully will purchase one soon.

Gucci Watches | Darveys

What makes Gucci watches special is the superior craftsmanship and timeless styles that they have to offer. Such a wide selection with so many designs and styles that it is hard not to fall in love with them. Each piece is different from the other and is quite unique. The features that the range has are truly incredible and impressive. Standing true to the brand’s name, the entire range of Gucci watches is super durable and features such high quality which is unquestionable.

Gucci Watches | Darveys

Without a thought you can totally count on them to make your outfit a star wherever you are headed to. The web stripe pattern which is the signature style of the company can be seen on most of the items and the horse bit feature is another style that you can see in the collection. The classic silver and golden watches are a best option for the formal occasions. I am surely going to add one of these beauties in my collection very soon.

Gucci watches: For a timeless appeal

So, the other day I was looking for a watch to add in my timepieces collection. Yes, I have a huge collection of watches because I think a timepiece adds a refined touch to the whole attire which no other accessory can do that easily. Some people reduce their use to just for checking the time, but there is so much more to them. Over the years, they have become an inseparable part of our look and that is why I love adding new and trendy watches to my collection. For many years now I have been wanting to purchase a Gucci watch but because of the prices, they were way out of my league.

Gucci Watches | Darveys

But recently I came across this website called which offers great deals on designer luxury brands. At first I was a little apprehensive to buy something so pricey online but I was guided by their customer support department and was assured that if the product is not genuine, I will get two times the price in return! After listening this, I thought of giving a chance and ordered Gucci brown interlocking watch out of several drool worthy choices. The Gucci watches for women have a lot of variety in styles and colors.
My order arrived within the expected delivery timings and was exactly the same as I saw it on the website. I was really relieved and was quite impressed with them. I am just loving my new Gucci watch! I really recommend checking out this website.

Accentuate Round The Clock Look With Gucci

The Italian luxury fashion house Gucci, founded by Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1921 has gained tremendous success and represents luxury and elegance in the most accurate manner. This power house deals in leather goods, accessories, apparels, footwear and handbags for both women and men. One of the top Italian brands, it has created several iconic pieces and has set standards for other brands to follow. It’s headquarter is in Florence, Italy and has 250+ stores worldwide.

Gucci Watches

Gucci’s distinctive accessories offer lush silk scarves, classy belts, beautiful jewelry and luxuriant watches. Gucci watches are known for their craftsmanship and quality. These timeless pieces display luxury, elegance and sophistication along with modern and practical designs. They are an exquisite work of art available under several categories namely; Gucci Dive, Horsebit, Interlocking-G, Timeless-G, Diamantissima, Sync, Guccissima, G-Frame and G-chronograph. They range from minimalist designs to embellished ones rocking a stone or diamond, modern to vintage and simple to glamorous. Men watches display power and classic Italian feel to enhance the look. Watches reflect the personality of the person, so the watches by the brand speak for the person wearing them.

Gucci Watches

They also reflect the wealth and status of someone because they are considered as a prized possession. Men can choose among Dive, Hand master, Timeless Automatic, Sync, Coupe, I-Gucci and many more. The impeccable designs and durability makes them a must have in your watch collection. The label has become a leader in this market by offering finest watches assuring that you always remain dependable.

The Timeless Parade of Gucci

Guccio Gucci founded Gucci in the year 1921 in Florence, Italy. Gucci is the most sought after luxury brand in the world, out powering even the likes of Armani, Prada, Brioni, Emilio Pucci and many other Italian brands of class and luxury. Gucci is as passionate for manufacturing clothes for men as for women. The belts collection include leather belts, suede belts, floral prints belt, embroidered belts with natural motifs such as bees and hummingbird and so forth. The latest symbol for Gucci is the three-dimensional feline head. It is often used in embroidered leather belt with feline head carved on it.

This embroidered belt has a square shaped buckle in dark enamel color. Not only this, the leather belt strap is embraced by heart, crown, lily appliques, skull and star which are hand crafted. The thin metallic thread is utilized to its full potential, creating a more complex pattern. This handcrafted article is yet another stark quality of this fashion house. Next is the web belt with feline head. The symbolic web pattern never left the world of Gucci’s collections. The recurring iconic design of square buckle in blood enamel and three dimensional feline head is remarkable.

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The shoes category for men offers from loafers to sneakers to boots to moccasins and so forth. They are available in various colors ranging from saddle to navy to beechwood to black to fog to metallic to floral pattern and so on. The leather loafer with GG web is manufactured in a sleek pattern with brief elongated toe, embraced with Gucci’s iconic double G hardware. The Gucci Jordaan tartan loafer is more of youth-focused and exquisite. This one is the horsebit which is procurable in a tartan design, beautified with a smooth handcrafted mouth applique and embroidered heart. They are also available in check pattern and fur as well.

The timepieces for men by Gucci are exclusively young, fresh and classic. There is g-timeless medium watch with bee, embellished with the iconic green/red/green pattern. They have both leather as well as non-leather straps. Other selection of watches such as Gucci dive stainless watch and other unique pieces such as custom made ones.