Update Your Closet With Gucci Bags!

Handbags are the first thing I look out for when I am heading out. I can never compromise with a handbag and therefore I like to invest only in good ones. Though there are several brands available in the market offering enticing options, my favorite brand is Gucci. The Italian luxury label is on the check list of every fashionista and everyone wants to carry something Gucci. And not just its bags, but other categories i.e. apparels, footwear, accessories, etc. are also super popular. But the carry all range is my favorite which offers several categories to choose amongst.


I own about 4-5 Gucci bags which I absolutely adore! I love flaunting these beauties because they are so stylish and so classy. The styles by this brand are so unique that you won’t find them anywhere else. This makes the products a must have for everyone. I wish I could stock up all of them! But yes they are quite expensive. But not to worry, Darveys.com offers them at up to 60% discount. You can purchase them on this website to avail great deals so that you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for these bags.

Gucci Bag

The signature items feature the iconic interlocking GG logo printed or embossed all over. The web stripe pattern can also be found on most of the items. It looks classy and sophisticated! Even the wallets are petite options to add charm and elegance in your closet. So, go ahead and get your Gucci bag on Darveys.com!

Show Obsession Featuring Gucci Footwear for Women

A girl can never have too many shoes, right girls? We have a strange love for footwear. These beauties are as important as our outfits. We just can’t step out of our house without pairing the outfit with the perfect footwear. Well, there are a lot of brands out there offering some amazing options and the one brand that caught my attention was Gucci. This Italian label founded in 1921 has an amazing collection of footwear comprising of various options for both men and women.

Gucci Footwear | Darveys

Based out of Florence, it is one of the most successful labels today, so there is no doubt regarding the quality that it offers. Options for women include ballet flats, heels & pumps, boots, flats, loafers, sneakers and wedges. My personal favorites are the heels which are available in a lot of varieties like studded, embroidered, logo plaque, embellished and etc. I loved the mouth embroidered pumps which are very distinctive and have a quirky touch to them which is what I liked the most. They are available in a lot of colors like ice blue, red, pale gold.  What makes these shoes stand out are the intricate detailing and cutting edges which give them a sleek look. The elegant and sophisticated collection is pricey but definitely worth it as they are quite durable and comfortable as well.

Gucci Footwear | Darveys

You can yourself have a look at the exquisite collection on Darveys.com for some amazing deals on Gucci women shoes.

The Cult of Gucci

The cult classic and phenomenal collection of accessories by this Italy based luxury brand is always been about the uniqueness that’s ends up becoming the flavor of the fall. The symbolic colors and the iconic range of leather bags for men are irresistible. Another feather in the cap is added for the versatility it provides. An instance of leather bags for men let us say- messenger bags, duffle bags, totes, portfolio, backpacks, belt bags (also known as sling bags), luggage, totes and briefcases. The symbolic flag like segments- green/red/green is mostly inevitable for any timeless piece created by Gucci.

These bags pour essence to style which becomes essential when a thousand bucks are invested in buying something so inspiring. Gucci also believes in innovation. Thereby, a lot of floral motifs work is evident on its bags as well. The intricate work of craftsmanship and embroidered structures with images of birds, bees, clouds and flowers are quite frequent in Gucci’s collection.

The versatility of foulard, scarves and oblong states the scarf for men; cotton, fabric, silk and wool are the materials they are available in. usually the watches are available in stainless steel but the iconic green/red/green could also be used in the straps. The relief of soothing motif is a beauty to look up to which is also evident in the wallets for men. On the other hand women collection is far fresher and never mundane.

Gucci Collection