Punctuate your personality with Gucci Footwear

Without a doubt, Gucci is one of the most iconic labels that one can own. I just love everything by this label and wish to own some of their products one day. Till the time, I am saving up for it and hopefully will be able to gift them to myself. Gucci footwear collection for both men and women is absolutely worthy of checking out to leave yourself in awe. Their designs and features are so trendy yet so classic and elegant. I don’t think so any other brand has blended the two characteristics this well. The range is surely something to make a statement with.

Gucci Heels | Darveys

Styles like ballet flats, boots, flats, lace ups & dress shoes, loafers & drivers, pumps & heels, sneakers and wedges are available to procure under this category. One can easily recognize Gucci footwear by the distinctive horse bit detailing or the web stripe pattern which is the signature style of the company. Be it their heels or any other footwear, the entire footwear range speaks luxury and class. Keeping up with the latest trends is important and in this task, Gucci will help you. Providing you with something timeless, the brand surely knows how to transfer everyone’s attention towards you.

Gucci Footwear | Darveys

Just slip the beauties on, and you are good to go! They will be the attention grabbing element in your attire and you are going to love the attention its draws towards you. Go check out the footwear section right away!

Make a classy style statement with Gucci shoes

Like it’s said, footwear is the first thing that people notice about your appearance. So, choosing the right pair becomes very important for everyone to make that first impression.  You might have a lot pairs in your shoe wardrobe but one brand that you should definitely check out is Gucci. Though all the products by this label are iconic but the footwear range deserves a special attention. They are quite popular among men and women both who pay a lot of attention to the finer details. Options like ballet flats, boots, lace ups & dress shoes, flats, loafers & drivers, pumps & heels, sneakers and wedges are available for him and her.

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Men footwear range particularly is more towards subtle & dapper side and is a trendy update to the everyday look. Available in numerous color variants like beige, black, white, navy, red, brown, blue, cocoa, grey, two tone, green, teal and etc, the entire collection captures contemporary styles with a classic twist. Some of them feature the iconic GG logo embossing all over, web stripes, buckle style, high top, low top, horse bit detailing, floral & botanical print, tassel decoration, graphic patterns, fringes, check pattern and etc.

Gucci Shoes | DarveysEach pair is crafted with utmost dedication and that clearly reflects through the quality and details of the product. They ensure a suave update to your wardrobe and will put the spotlight on you! The prices are a bit on the higher side, but don’t you worry. You can check out online websites like Darveys.com which offer Gucci shoes for men at up to 60% discount.

Show Obsession Featuring Gucci Footwear for Women

A girl can never have too many shoes, right girls? We have a strange love for footwear. These beauties are as important as our outfits. We just can’t step out of our house without pairing the outfit with the perfect footwear. Well, there are a lot of brands out there offering some amazing options and the one brand that caught my attention was Gucci. This Italian label founded in 1921 has an amazing collection of footwear comprising of various options for both men and women.

Gucci Footwear | Darveys

Based out of Florence, it is one of the most successful labels today, so there is no doubt regarding the quality that it offers. Options for women include ballet flats, heels & pumps, boots, flats, loafers, sneakers and wedges. My personal favorites are the heels which are available in a lot of varieties like studded, embroidered, logo plaque, embellished and etc. I loved the mouth embroidered pumps which are very distinctive and have a quirky touch to them which is what I liked the most. They are available in a lot of colors like ice blue, red, pale gold.  What makes these shoes stand out are the intricate detailing and cutting edges which give them a sleek look. The elegant and sophisticated collection is pricey but definitely worth it as they are quite durable and comfortable as well.

Gucci Footwear | Darveys

You can yourself have a look at the exquisite collection on Darveys.com for some amazing deals on Gucci women shoes.

Set the Temperature High with Gucci Shoes

Whether it’s a casual day out or weekend getaway, your footwear speak for your personality. They are as important as your outfit and require the same attention. If one pairs his or her outfit with the right footwear, then the whole look can be changed and it can do wonders for you! Nowadays people determine your status by what you wear and how you wear it. Be it your clothes, accessories or footwear, they notice everything so one needs to give attention to each and every detail to be the talk in the group.

Gucci Shoes

But what if someone solves this dilemma and saves your effort? Now that will be something praiseworthy. The Italian brand Gucci does it swiftly. You can blindly choose any footwear by the label and it will make your look alluring. Such is the collection by the brand that goes with almost everything you have in your wardrobe and is gonna make it even more stylish and elegant.

Founded in 1921, it is the most successful Italian label today and the footwear collection by it is admirable. With tons of options for both men and women, you can choose some really amazing shoes, heels, sneakers and flats. Women footwear range from; ballet flats, pumps & heels, wedges to loafers and men footwear range from; loafers, sneakers, lace-ups, dress shoes to boots. The whole footwear collection has some unique features like the fur loafers and horse bit loafers which have now become iconic.

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Just browsing through the collection makes one want them badly! Don’t believe us? Have a look for yourself at Darveys.com.


The Tempting World of GUCCI Women Footwear

There are two things you can never have too many, good friends and good shoes! And for a girl shoes play a very important role in her life. Footwear can update even a simple look and make it glamorous without much effort. That is why it is important to upgrade your shoe wardrobe with every season. With so many options to choose from, the world of footwear is enticing. From heels to flats, sneakers to loafers, flats to ballet flats and wedges to boots, the choices are endless. The one brand which has mastered the art of shoe making is the Italian luxury house Gucci. It is the biggest selling Italian brand and 38th most valuable brand according to Forbes. Women footwear by the brand includes heels, pumps, loafers, sneakers, boots and flats. So let’s take a look over each category:


Heels by Gucci comes in a lot style like pointed toe, peep toe, open toe, buckle style, slip on style, T-strap, stud detailed and horse bit logo pumps. They are crafted in a number of materials like leather, suede, patent leather, mix material and metallic leather.

Gucci Heels/Pumps


Gucci loafers are iconic and distinctive. Some of the loafers have the unique horse bit logo on the vamp while other have tassels or fringes.

Gucci Loafers


Glitter, studded, high top, low top and strap style sneakers are the few options available for women under this brand. They are perfect for casual styling and can pair up with a dress for day time too.

Gucci Sneakers


Flats by Gucci are stylish, chic and classic. Ballet flats, flip flops and sandals by the label, in a variety of colors like red, blue, green, silver and white can be chosen.

Gucci Shoes

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